5 Must See National Parks

Have a love for the outdoors? Here is a list of the most visited places for nature lovers in the United States.  Grab your favorite pair of Foris Finn sunglasses and get out there, go and see the world!


  1. SMOKEY MOUNTAINS, North Carolina & Tennessee - A mountain range rising along the North Carolina and Tennessee border. Home to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, which has over 11 million visitors yearly and is the most visited national park in the US.  Make sure to visit Gatlinburg, TN and cross the new sky bridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. Have fun and don’t look down
  2. GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Montana - This park is over 1 million acres and encompasses parts of 2 mountain ranges. Its ecosystem consists of over 130 lakes, more than 1000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals. Make sure to take in all the beauty on more than 700 miles of hiking trails.
  3. YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, California - Home to the ancient sequoia trees and some of the oldest waterfalls in the world. This natural beauty attracts millions of people during its peak season between April and October. If you love nature, pack your camera and come experience this natural wonder. Open all year round, this park will have something different for you during all the seasons
  4. ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah - Known for its spellbinding red rock desert and high-altitude forest. Drive the scenic trail which takes you along the Virgin River to beautiful emerald pools, waterfalls, and hanging gardens. Sights that every nature lover can appreciate.
  5. LAKE TAHOE, Nevada & California - One of the largest freshwater lakes in the US, dwarfed only by the Great Lakes. Known for its beautiful beaches and amazing ski resorts. This natural wonder is surrounded by mountains on all sides which adds to its beauty and allure. Grab your sunglasses in the summer or your skis in the winter and prepare to be lost in nature.