A Bucket List for Adventure Seekers


It’s a new year and it’s a new you.  Why not set your sights on doing something exhilarating, fun and of course … outside!  We have compiled a list of the toughest craziest adventures to try.  Challenge yourself and enjoy the great outdoors!


The Grand Daddy of challenges, known as “The Toughest Race on The Planet”. This crazy race-inspired and sparked the obstacle course craze.  This 10-mile course features obstacles that will freeze you, cover you in mud, and shock you. If you finish this one you have seriously earned that beer at the end. And yes, they do give you a beer at the end of the race!


Spartan race is leading the world in events.   The race features3 amazing formats that have something for every experience level.  The Spartan race has rapidly become one the most popular races out to try. Although it is best known for how the obstacles use the natural terrain, you should be ready for anything.


If you want to start somewhere, then this is the race. The Warrior Dash has 10 obstacles that will challenge you mentally and physically.  Prepare to get dirty as you will be covered in mud during this 5k obstacle course.   We must say you probably won’t even notice as you will be busy having so much fun.


Started by Navy Seals in 2012, this obstacle course will test everyone and leave no one unscathed. You will get muddy and beat up but at least you will finish!  The course features 3,6, and 9-mile options. As an added bonus the Bone Frog honors our military and our veterans. 


Go RUCK is hard! The challenges were designed by special forces ops.  Pretty much, that says it all.  You are required to wear a backpack weighing 20 to 30 pounds around this obstacle course. All we can say is good luck!